Chaffe McCall, L.L.P.

Since 1826, the lawyers of Chaffe McCall have always focused on our primary mission:  to provide the highest quality legal services in our clients’ best interests.  Our firm owes its continuing success and longevity to a history of distinguished leaders and a team of talented, creative, and hardworking attorneys and professional staff, who meet our clients’ legal needs timely and cost-effectively.  These guiding principles have made Chaffe McCall the exceptional and progressive firm that it is today. 

We have offices in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lake Charles and Houston.  Our attorneys are organized into working groups in a variety of practice areas.  Together, they provide full, value-added services to our clients, who have access to our lawyers in as many different areas of expertise as the particular engagement requires. 

Chaffe McCall’s record of success—in landmark litigation and dispute resolution, in negotiations and transactions large and small, and in legal advice and counsel to businesses and individuals alike—sets us apart as a law firm of choice.  It is a position that we have earned since our inception and that we will continue to maintain in service to our clients and our community.

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