Gus David Oppermann


With over thirty years of experience, Gus David “Dave” Oppermann offers invaluable insights and strategic solutions tailored to the complex needs of insurance, business, and finance industry clients.  Dave has litigated numerous cases to conclusion in administrative, state, and federal courts and has served as a mediator in hundreds of matters.

Dave’s experience encompasses a wide array of legal areas, with a primary focus on:

  • Maritime
  • Legacy and Renewable Energy
  • Construction
  • Transportation
  • Insurance and Finance

In addition, Dave has successfully represented the interests of insurance and reinsurance companies as well as their insureds.  He also has substantial personal injury and wrongful death defense experience. His proficiency extends to the field of construction law, where he has navigated projects that include residential, agricultural, renewable energy, and commercial construction and finance.

Dave’s legal capabilities stretch into diverse areas of business and finance, where he has demonstrated a talent for project development in emerging sectors such as carbon capture, hydrogen use, ammonia, and renewable energy production and storage. As a strategic leader, he has successfully managed and counseled partnerships and LLCs, driving operations across various domains, including law, finance, marketing, and risk management.

With a proven record of managing multimillion-dollar budgets, Dave brings a creative and practical approach to business management. His role as an active, accredited investor underscores his commitment to cost control and continuous improvement in complex business environments.

Beyond his legal practice, Dave is a respected educator and thought leader. He has delivered numerous seminars and instructed undergraduate and graduate-level business-related and legal courses, contributing to the knowledge base of aspiring professionals in the field.

Notably, Dave is recognized for his adeptness in fostering the growth and development of legal professionals. Through mentorship programs and hands-on guidance, he has cultivated the skills of law clerks and young lawyers within the legal community.

Dave is admitted to practice in both Texas and Louisiana, positioning him as a trusted legal advisor for clients across the Gulf Coast region and beyond. With his blend of legal expertise, strategic acumen, and commitment to excellence, Dave stands as a preeminent figure in the legal and business communities alike.