Kathy Plemer Recognized as One of the First 100 Women Lawyers in New Orleans

Posted on Monday, March 24th, 2014 | Posted in Acknowledgements & Press Releases
On Thursday, March 20th, Kathy Plemer was recognized at the New Orleans Bar Association’s Annual Barristers for Brunch event at the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel for being one of the first 100 Women Lawyers in the New Orleans legal community.

Ms. Plemer has been practicing law since 1973 and was among the first 100 women lawyers to practice in New Orleans between the years 1898-1976.  She has helped paved the way for hundreds of women attorneys to succeed in the New Orleans legal community.

Reflections from Ms. Plemer:

“I loved history, but realized during freshman year that the history seniors were coming out of college to be secretaries and I could not type (still can’t).  I switched to teaching, an accepted profession, and enjoyed the classroom.  Point of wisdom learned – 1.) Do what you love if possible.

After 5 years of teaching, one child and a very ill husband, I needed to support by family.  My father and father-in-law were both attorneys so I decided to try law school.  It was a good move for my family.  Points of wisdom learned – 2.) Seek inspiration from family history and 3.) Choose from available options and sometimes stretch the envelope when the options seem limited.

Prudential Life Insurance gave me the chance to be the first female hire in the real estate division.  Bob Conrad was a wonderful mentor and teacher.  Leaving Prudential to remain in New Orleans was a tough decision, made easier when George Pigman of Chaffe McCall, my second wonderful mentor, offered me a position.  Point of Wisdom learned – 4.) Respect and learn from great mentors.

My life is filled with friends and family, my greatest joy… Point of wisdom learned – 5.) Family and friends are key to a fulfilled life.”

~ Kathy S. Plemer