Summer Associate Frequently Asked Questions

What does Chaffe McCall look for when considering a student for a Summer Associate position?
Chaffe McCall looks for energetic, well-rounded law students with excellent academic credentials. Applicants should be in the top quarter of their class. Law Review and Moot Court members are preferred.

How do I apply for a Summer Associate position at Chaffe McCall?
A cover letter and resume should be submitted through the On-Campus Interview process or sent directly to the Chaffe McCall Recruiting Coordinator at recruiting@chaffe.com.  Members of the Recruiting Committee interview 2L students during the fall. Decisions are typically announced in November.  We interview 1L students in January, and decisions are typically announced by the end of February.

How long does the Summer Associate program last?
Chaffe McCall’s Summer Associate Program takes place for six weeks during the beginning of the summer.  In order to maximize the time for mutual evaluation, we prefer that each Summer Associate spend the full six weeks with the firm, but in the past we have been flexible to accommodate certain individual situations.

What is the working environment atmosphere of Chaffe McCall?
The work environment of Chaffe McCall has a collegial feel.  We have an open-door firm policy where any member of the firm or Summer Associate can walk into an attorney’s office without hesitation.  The firm has a business casual dress code during the summer, and formal business attire is only worn when needed for attending court, client meetings, or other special events. Every candidate offered a Summer Associate position is encouraged to visit the firm before the summer to get a first-hand experience of the firm’s atmosphere and everyday feel.

What type of work will I do as a Summer Associate?
Summer Associates typically spend time researching and analyzing legal issues, drafting pleadings, and creating transactional documents.  When possible, Summer Associates accompany attorneys to depositions, hearings, motions, trials, mediations, closings, client meetings, worksite visits, and vessel inspections.  We strive to provide Summer Associates with work related to their practice interest.  Chaffe McCall’s goal is to involve Summer Associates in the typical day-to-day activities of a firm associate.

Are Summer Associates assigned a mentor?
Each Summer Associate is assigned two mentors, typically one associate and one partner mentor in the practice area where the Summer Associate has an interest.  The mentors assist the Summer Associates in any aspect of the Summer Associate program, as well as familiarize them with the firm policies and procedures.  In addition, the mentors provide evaluations and feedback to the Summer Associates on their work product.

Are Summer Associates given their own offices?
Summer Associates are assigned a carrel with an individual computer.  We feel that this arrangement allows Summer Associates to develop camaraderie among themselves, as well as provide easier access for the attorneys of the firm to engage and assist the Summer Associates.

Are there social activities involved in the Summer Associate program?
Yes!  Chaffe McCall offers a variety of events that allow us to get to know each Summer Associate in a more relaxed setting.  Typical events include lunches, dinners, sporting events, cocktail receptions, fishing trips, golf outings, and many more impromptu and informal fun activities in the unique city of New Orleans and beyond.

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