Kerri Rodriguez

Human Resources Manager

Extremely organized and affable, Kerri Rodriguez is self-motivated and never hesitates to put in long hours in order to provide for her team.  As the Manager of Human Resources for Chaffe McCall, Kerri drives the firm’s professional staff recruitment and is responsible for all aspects of Chaffe McCall’s human resources policies, practices, and operations.

In her role, Kerri leads all of the firm’s payroll and benefits operations, ensuring that the team is confident that salaries and benefits are managed efficiently, proactively, and with a goal of retaining talent for years to come.  Kerri also works with the firm’s professional staff to facilitate their work across all levels throughout their professional careers to improve efficiency, skills development, and technological advancement.

Kerri has more than 12 years of experience in employee benefits handling a variety of benefits matters, including annual open enrollments, benefit contract procurement, and improved enrollment and change processes.  Kerri is a crucial advisor to the firm’s leadership team, with responsibility for developing, implementing, and ensuring that all aspects of the firm’s Human Resources strategy are aligned to meet our strategic business objectives and to support the firm’s talent.

Kerri is not a lawyer