Timothy P. Doody

Firm Administrator

Timothy P. Doody is the firm’s Executive Director, with more than 30 years of experience managing the firm’s business operations, financial functions, and client relations.  He is based in the firm’s New Orleans office.

In this role, he works closely with the Firm’s Managing Partner and is responsible for leading and directing all operational functions of the Firm. Tim directs aspects of the firm’s accounting and finance functions. He is a member of the Management Committee and serves as a key business advisor to firm leaders regarding financial matters, as well as strategic and operational decisions.  His career spans more than 40 years of varied experience in financial management, business leadership, and corporate strategy.

Tim’s leadership responsibilities also extend to the development of annual operating and capital budgets, the maintenance of risk management and financial controls, and the development of practical technologies for the firm.  He advises on various analytical tools pertinent to profitability, revenue, and other goals. He is also responsible for financial matters, including accounting, tax, due diligence, and legal entity issues.

Tim possesses a breadth of experience in business strategy, economic models, and operations, as well as regional, national, and global financial matters.

Tim is not a lawyer